Introducing NxTrack

Goodbye, inefficiency. Hello, integration.

Move beyond mere compliance with NxTrack.

Gone are the days of track inspection systems operating on a separate vehicle with separate technologies. NxTrack is the world’s first high-speed track inspection systems that combines multiple inspection technologies into a single car with a single unified software platform. The result is lower costs, increased efficiency and a healthier bottom line, moving you beyond a simple “compliance baseline” to total business integration. 

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Introducing NxTrack

360-degree analysis. 360-degree results.

NxTrack delivers the right data at the right time to the right people. Game on.

NxTrack can measure multiple facets of track integrity—simultaneously—at speeds up to 225 mph. Not only that, it delivers this information to your team in real time via state-of-the-art capture devices, allowing railroad owners, operators and rail infrastructure auditors to make efficient, accurate decisions in the field. This ultimately leads to smarter track maintenance programs, optimized resource planning and a more profitable way to run your business.

Explore Features

Introducing NxTrack

Put Technology to work.

Features at-a-glance:

FRA based rules to interpret track conditions

Common positioning system aligns defects from all system with milepost position

HD imagery of rail assets

Can upload defects instantly or post them to selected audiences

Cloud-based data storage and retrieval by multiple users over web style interfaces

Integrated database and positioning systems

Explore Benefits

Introducing NxTrack

Lower inspection costs. Reduced operating expenses.

Benefits at-a-glance:

Helps assure track compliance with FRA standards and avoids penalties

360 degree view of track conditions

Instantly delivers data to decision makers in the field, allowing for efficient, timely and targeted repair, as well as proactive maintenance

Lowered inspection costs

Reduced operating and capital expenses

Increased efficiency

How it all comes together

Introducing NxTrack

The power of integration.

NxTrack is the only inspection platform to include full Geometry, Optical and Ground Penetrating Radar inspection at line speed on one vehicle. This makes it both cheaper to operate and more efficient than existing alternatives.

Rail Geometry Inspections

Using lasers, inertial technology and complex algorithms, NxTrack measures rail geometry across the horizontal and vertical axis ensuring the proper horizontal spacing, height, cant, and crosslevel according to rail specifications. NxTrack also identifies rail types and measures wear both on the gauge face and on the head.

Automated Optical Track Inspections

Replacing manual and video-based inspection, NxTrack systems recognize missing or damaged elements on the track bed and classify them according to user parameters or industry-dictated requirements. In conjunction with our Geometry inspection system, this is the first product on the market able to examine detailed imagery for the reported geometric defects through a common front end. Measurements can be accurately obtained at line speed and through turnouts.

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections

We’ve repurposed the latest military broadband step frequency antennas, originally developed to detect land mines in hostile areas, to inspect ballast quality and assist in generating accurate cleaning and renewal programs.

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